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  • Project Gallery

  • We have successfully delivered in excess of 1,000 projects over years. To demonstrate our breadth and depth of experience, we have a selected a sample of projects to showcase.

  • New Food Production & Distribution Facility

    Location: Sydney, New South Wales | Client: CIP – Coles Retail Ready Meats


    Supply and installation of additional equipment, including:

    • Refrigeration plant for ready-to-eat packaged meat;
    • Six ammonia screw compressors;
    • Chilled glycol for processing areas;
    • Medium temperature ammonia for storage chillers;
    • Low temperature ammonia for crust freezer and plate freezers;
    • Low velocity sock air distribution system production facility; and
    • Wash down.

  • Dual Ice Rink Sporting Facility

    Location: Melbourne, Victoria | Client: O’Brien Group Arena


    Supply and installation of additional equipment, including:

    • Ice pad chiller;
    • Heat reclaim circuit;
    • Manufacture of custom air handlers with desiccant dehumidifier;
    • Snow melt pit;
    • Installation of dehumidification glycol circuit; and
    • Installation of rink headers and in slab glycol piping.

  • Chilled Distribution Centre Extension & Upgrade

    Location: Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane | Client: Qanstruct (on behalf of Coles)


    Supply and installation of refrigeration plants for five distribution warehouse facilities in five states, each including:

    • (2150kW to 3150kW 2-stage ammonia plant with pumped-liquid NH3 for freezer warehouse and reticulated glycol for chiller warehouse;
    • Penthouse style air cooling to warehouse areas;
    • Custom design for each facility roll-out to accommodate specific distribution requirements (i.e. Brisbane 18°C +/- 2°C Confectionary Room); and
    • Subsequent extension works in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney to accommodate additional through-put, including the distribution of fresh produce (design of multi-temperature zones and high humidity systems).

  • Penguin Enclosure

    Location: Melbourne, Victoria | Client: Melbourne Aquarium


    Supply and installation of equipment for penguin enclosure, including:

    • Three temperature chillers;
    • Land freezing coils;
    • Snow cannon;
    • First use in Australia of HS85 Bitzer compressors;
    • Installation of screw air compressor system with desiccant drier; and
    • Full PLC controlled system for Australia’s only refrigerated AQIS quarantine facility.

  • Chilled Food Production Facility

    Location: Sydney, Australia | Client: NSW Correctional Centres


    Supply and installation of a CO2 Transcritical refrigeration system for a food production facility, including:

    • Nine transcritical compressors;
    • Purpose-built gas coolers;
    • Full PLC controlled system;
    • Holding freezers and blast freezer systems;
    • Holding chillers and blast chiller systems;
    • Chilled water; and
    • Warm water, warm glycol and hot water heat recovery systems.

  • Food Production & Cold Storage Facility

    Location: Sydney, Australia | Client: Birch and Waite


    Supply and installation of equipment for a food processing facility, including:

    • Ammonia-based glycol plant;
    • Low charge ammonia;
    • Pumped glycol and storage; and
    • Containerised package.